Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement: We are The Experts

The components of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement should be understood by administrators and clinical leadership at all levels within every healthcare organization.  Let us help you respond, adapt and thrive in the implementation of the cultural and systematic changes needed to convert to a Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Culture. 

Common questions:

  • Does your organization understand how QAPI coordinates with QA?

  • Have you assessed QAPI in your organization?

  • How are you creating a “just culture” of fairness where staff are comfortable engaging in the improvement process?

  • How are you promoting engagement amongst staff, residents and families?

  • Is data driving your decision making around quality?

  • How do you complete a PIP (Performance Improvement Project)?

  • How do you do a root cause analysis?

Essential services we offer:

  • We offer a FREE one-day assessment of your QAPI process with a scoring process that allows for visible targets for improvement

  • FREE one-day analysis of a specific target area (ie: falls, skin, abuse)

  • Staff training and engagement processes to gain “buy in” to the QAPI process

  • Interviews of staff, families and residents with a focus on engaging with the improvement process

  • Conduct full day QAPI awareness campaigns-enlisting all team members in a focus on improvement

  • Assistance with abatements, plans of corrections, directed ins-services and other compliance-related assistance

  • Making sure your problem areas are correctly addressed by using PIP’s, Strategic Action Plans, Plans of Corrections, and “Just Do It’s”

  • Regular monthly consultation for targeted areas of improvement

I was blown away with the significant quality improvements the nursing facility had achieved under Todd’s direction. Todd’s genuine interest in the on-going development of his staff, including nursing, housekeeping, dietary, and even the medical director, was evident in the way he took time to seek out resources that were beneficial to their growth and advancement, and to the overall mission of the organization.
— Public Health Surveyor

Todd acts as the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Liaison for a 5,000 bed skilled nursing home portfolio and acts as the program “champion” responsible for field based training and support of the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement process for administrative and clinical leadership at the center level. Todd has worked closely with the state’s Quality Improvement Organizations and Executive Clinical Leadership to implement QAPI and Abaqis in his organization. Todd demonstrates remarkable organizational, educational and process management skills in implementing the cultural and systematic changes to needed to convert to a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement culture. He interfaces extremely well vertically and horizontally with executives, physicians, administrators, clinical and line staff to accomplish this goal.
— Managing Partner Healthcare Executive